Your elite guide to becoming an Instagram-relationship queen.

Say No More, I'm In

I'm going to need you to see this...


Did you see that last slide? 

She FIFTY ONE X'd her income, and I'm going to help you to do the same. 👇🏼

1. To hit 10k followers (it's time to swipe up!)

Can you imagine how effortless selling out your offers will become when you have 10k epic community members ready (& currently waiting) for you to change their lives?

2. To earn *recurring* $10k months

When we combine your stellar offers and powerful knowledge, with these heart-centered sales strategies... you'll be hitting your income goals with ease, and increasing from there.

3. To stop wasting ALL day on Instagram

You're spending a LOT of time on IG, and still seeing minimal results. Say buh-bye to that never-ending battle, and hello to easy M-F tasks that will move the needle (fast).

It's time to pull a Missy Elliot on your current 'gram game

Put your thing down, flip it, AND reverse it. 😏 








Oh hi there, I'm Shannon!

& I'm thrilled you're here.

You must be hungry for growth + ready to step into your power. (My kinda girl ✊🏼) 

Why me? Why Instagram? Why THIS course?

I'll tell ya. But first, a little back story:

This time last year The Social Bungalow was a side hustle ran in early AMs, late PMs, and (let's be honest) sneaky 'coffee break' afternoons - while I was still at my corporate job. 

I was the National Director of Sales & Marketing for a major fitness franchise... earning a fixed $4k per month. 😳

Being FED UP (and unable to stomach another day of putting on my "office cardigan" in the temperature controlled Siberia) I quit.

With just 300 followers, 2 clients (that I was WAY undercharging), and no audience to my name - I went FULL force.

I created my own methods, tracking spreadsheets, and relationship-based tactics TRULY help women with online businesses use Instagram to generate leads, nurture relationships, and convert clients. & IN UNDER 6 MONTHS:

"Shannon completely transformed the way I work Instagram. Now, I’m able to reach my IDEAL audience, build a genuine relationship, and honestly sell (my services AND passive products) with ease."

- Taylor T., Esq.    

Now, we're going to do the same for you.

But first! POP QUIZ.

What's Your Instagram Style?

Your options are...

A. You pour energy into Instagram + show up consistently but don’t see the results you know your content deserves…

B. You’re confident in your value and certain your followers would LOVE working with you, but you’re not sure how to get them there

C. You’re ready to level-up your IG and structure your activity in a way that turns the platform into a money-making machine

D. You’re craving genuine connections that flow effortlessly from friendship to sales…

Are You In My Head?

"Shannon taught me how to find the right hashtags for my niche, and how to structure them correctly in captions in order to grow engagement naturally. Thanks to these methods, I have been able to DOUBLE my engagement, gain new followers who turned into leads, and increase overall business."

- Torrey F., Mindset + Health 

If your soul screamed "ALL OF THE ABOVE!"

Then, let's get you results like these 🔥

(Psst... The third image shows repeat $20k+ months via our Instagram strategy.)

I'm picking up what you're puttin' down... Tell me more.

Alright, check it out... You're already a bit of an "Instagram Mad Scientist"

You're out here rocking: 

💃 An aesthetically pleasing grid

💃 An optimized bio + keywords

💃 Dynamic captions + audience engagement

💃 Interesting Stories AND their Insights (daaang, Gina!)

The last thing you need is another course telling you what you already know + do.

What you need are effective, proven strategies that generate mind-blowing sales while you sleep (or sip 3 beverages at once—it’s really up to you).

You want tactics you can implement today that will elevate sales + take your following to next-level heights.

You’re craving actionable ways to build authority + stand out as the wildly in-demand entrepreneur you are. You’re ready to skip the fluff and jump right to the meat of it. You’re ready to move the needle, and you’re ready now.

Oh, and you want to feel really good about what you’re doing. Because you should! You’re sprinkling your own bit of joy on the world + making an impact, it’s totally OK to make good money while you’re at it.

Yes? Let me hear you say it...

Yes! YES! Yaaaas!


"Shannon has helped me sell my new high ticket course in the DM's purely through building genuine connections! I didn't even officially bring it to market yet!"

- Aditi B., Relationships + Self Love  

What's inside 5 Figure Instagram?

Module 1—HASHTAGS:

Hashtags work (really well!) IF you know how to use them.

In this module, you’ll learn exactly how to identify your ideal hashtags, ensure you’re trending, and become easily discoverable.

Your ideal clients are out there, let’s use hashtags to find them. 

  • Picking your perfect hashtags
  • Trending on the discover page
  • Where to place and how many to use (I have the data, not just opinion.

Training videos + hashtag discovery workbooks.

Module 2—STORIES:

Together we are going to transform you into the relatable, effective, GO-TO authority you are, using Stories to engage + sell out your offers.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create dynamic Stories that drive sales, increase your brand awareness, and work WITH the Instagram algorithm to get you to the front of the “Suggested Stories to Watch” line.

Ready for TOTAL Instagram Story confidence?

  • 5 remarkable lessons on Story psychology
  • Generating, sharing, and profiting from your social proof
  • Exact formula for Instagram Story selling + IG Live 

Training videos, workbooks, & calendars.


I’m uncovering my 3 main tactics for colossal follower growth and showing you how to use the psychology of relationship building to create sustainable growth with an engaged community who wants what you’re selling.

Think of the opportunities coming your way once the RIGHT people find you. 

  • Stop the yo-yo followers and tap into sustainable growth (on autopilot!) 
  • Engagement boosters that turns into guaranteed sales 
  • How to hit 10k STAT (& get the swipe up feature!) 

Training videos, workbooks, & spreadsheets.


Tbh, I’m an Instagram Sales Psychology Wizard, and I'm giving you the ENTIRE playbook – From the EXACT thing to say to encourage your ideal clients to slide into your DMs, to the precise etiquette to nurture a conversation from friendly-chat to a no-brainer-conversion.

I’m laying it ALL out, and together we’re running full-speed ahead straight to your skyrocketed Instagram sales. You’ll learn hardcore strategy and deep-seated tactics that your ideal consumer can’t resist.

Ready for your 5-figure months?

✔️Waking up to, "Can I join your program?" and "Tell me more about your services, I'm ready!" DMs. 

✔️Exact screenshotted examples of what nurturing does - and does NOT - look like.

✔️How to track your leads + done-for-you CRM style spreadsheets.

Training videos, workbooks, & spreadsheets.



But wait... there's more!? (oh yeahhh *koolaid man*)

🔥 DMessage Scripts to warm + convert ($300 value)

🔥 Researched for you Niche Hashtags to trend ($150 value)

🔥 Lead nurture + engagement tracking spreadsheets ($450 value)

🔥 30 days of Instagram Story prompts to create wild demand ($300 value) 

Ready to elevate your Instagram?

(I'm so excited to blow your mind 😏)

VALUE $1,297

ONLY $497








"Okay wow, 5 Figure Instagram has made selling SO MUCH EASIER on Insta!!!! I feel like I’m all up in my ideal client's heads because I keep getting DMs asking about my programs."

- Julia P., Brand Strategist    

SNAP SHAN! Hitting us with another epic sales price?! 🤯

YEP! I believe in you + this course SO much. Let's freakin' do this. 

(fyi it'll never be this deeply discounted again.)

Gimme The Course!

Results others are getting...

+ converting soulmate-status clients

So, by now you're seeing...

This ain't your mama's Instagram course👏🏼

What if this year… 

  • You approach Instagram with proven tools + tactics that make selling a breeze and give you back time to spend on client excellence and creativity in your business.
  • Your profile is discovered daily by loads of new ideal clients dying to get their hands on your offers.
  • Engagement and interaction with your Stories skyrocket AND lead to tons of new sales + connections.

Then suddenly… 

  • Your content converts to sales every.single.time. (as in…you’re selling OUT on every launch)
  • You’re the most sought after, in-demand authority in your space + people line up to get their eyes, ears, and wallet on what you have to say.
  • You feel joy + fulfillment daily, instead of anxiety + doubt. YOU ARE A SALES MACHINE, and you deserve every ounce of the good headed your way.
I Want All of That 👆🏼

'When I implemented the 5 Figure Instagram 'Follower Growth' module I got 5 new ICA's following me in literally 30 minutes 🤯 Since then I’ve gotten 3 new consultation calls set up for 1:1 high ticket coaching! THANK YOU."

- Paige J., Holistic Wellness   

The 5-Figure Instagram course was created for you:

The sought-after entrepreneur who’s ready for clear, powerful tactics that go way beyond bios + grids.

You ready for this jelly?

Prepare for…

🥂More eyes on your content

🥂Explosive + sustainable follower growth

🥂Consistent engagement + genuine connections

🥂Next-level sales + effortless conversions

🥂Done-for-you resources + verified formulas inside the course

Do you want to be propelled into the world of 5-figure months?

(Right where you belong.) 

*screams* YESSS!

A's to your Q's

Upon purchase you will be emailed login access to your Five Figure Instagram course dashboard. This hosts all video lessons, workbooks, and spreadsheets. 

Five Figure Instagram is a self-study course. You will not have 1:1 access to Shannon in the program. However! Please come hang out on Instagram or in The Social Bungalow Community Facebook Group as Shannon regularly hosts live trainings + Q&As. 

Forever! + When Instagram makes a changes, or there are fresh Bungalow strategies, your content will be updated with the latest and greatest. 

Lifetime access to the curriculum.
Tried, tested and then tested again. This curriculum is packed with videos, editable strategic workbooks and spreadsheets.

Consistent free upgrades. FFI will be updated with every algorithm change or new wave of strategy.
As The Social Bungalow finds new ways to grow, so will you. Consider this the LAST course you’ll ever have to buy for growing your business using Instagram.

Lowest price ever. Lock it in now!
The cost of this Five Figure Instagram is normally $497, and will be increasing. To work privately with Shannon costs over $6,000. Get her exact insights and strategies for a fraction of the cost by joining Five Figure Instagram now.

Five Figure Instagram is a series of proven methods to grow your audience, and convert ideal clients using Instagram as the main lead generator + relationship-building platform.

The Social Bungalow + high level clients use and apply these same strategies to grow their collective empires to over 1.4M+ followers, and monthly revenues of $20-30k recurring.

Unlike other programs, Five Figure Instagram gives you very detailed, actionable instructions to help you grow strategically from the moment you begin module one.

I suggest committing 2-3 hours weekly for 4 weeks. Five Figure Instagram is a self-study course done completely on your own time.

Keep in mind, each weekly module is designed to build upon the lessons from the last. I implore you to learn, absorb, and implement before moving on to the next lesson.

You can lock in your spot at $497 before the price increases – and you get access to the course modules + content updates forever!

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the Five Figure Instagram course. While there is not a guarantee I do offer a 14-day refund for purchases. In order to qualify for a refund, you must submit proof that you gave the course an honest effort and it did not work for you.

In the event that you have not been able to get any results from the strategies you implemented, contact Team Bungalow Support at [email protected] within the first 14 days from the date you purchase FFI and let us know if you would like a refund. You must include evidence with your refund request that all available modules and workbooks have been completed and the methods taught within FFI implemented. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework, you will not be granted a refund.

We will NOT provide refunds for purchases made more than 14 days following the date of purchase. After day 14, all payments are non-refundable and you are responsible for full payment of the fees for the program regardless if you complete the program.

No, while I primarily work with women, the Five Figure Instagram methods are designed to help any individual or business. #BungalowBoys welcome!

The people you're MADE FOR? They're ready for you to change their lives.

All we have to do is put you in front of them on Instagram. Big things are coming for you.